RABIES, it's out there.

If you're bit call a doctor.

 Leave wildlife in the wild. It could save your life.

 Time is a factor for testing

Time is a big factor when having an animal tested. Not just for peace of mind, but also for the viability of the test. we offer 24 hr. transport service directly to the state lab. This ensures that the animal is there in one piece and you receive results in as little as 48hrs.
Young wild animals are so cute and cuddle looking. Except they are not cuddly. Wild animals even the young ones don’t like to be held. To a wild animal we look like the big bad wolf. They will bite you and scratch you if you pick them up. Rabies is carried in the saliva of infected animals. Often our best intentions of rescue lead to a bite or a scratch that could potential carry some scary consequences. 

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